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A State of Flow

A mental state. To be immersed, energised and focused.

Teaching is hard. Flow is here to make your life easier.


Finding Flow

Articles about the art of Teaching from Teachers across the generations.

In the Classroom

Knowing What To Do

Knowing what to do seems like an obvious place to start, but often when we leave the safety of our University and are thrust into a classroom of our own it can be difficult to know where to begin. What will I need? How much time do I allocate to each curriculum area? What are the units that I will be teaching in Term 1?

School LIbrary

What is Flow?

Flow can often be referred to as being “In the Zone”. A mental state. When you’re in Flow you feel energised, focused and experience the uninhibited, unconstrained joy of an activity to the full. Once you find Flow you discover a renewed drive in pursuit of achieving high output of your work.

Open Book

Knowing How To Do It

If you’re anything like me you’re either 0 or 100 percent skin in the game. If you try to go 100 percent all of the time you will burn out and likely develop a few unhealthy habits to cope. There are ways to help prevent this from happening but it can be a hard line to balance.

Making sure that you know what you need to achieve and how to get there through small increments makes the often overwhelming jobs so much easier to achieve. You do not have to have everything perfectly completed and up to date all of the time.

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